Hall of Fame's Media Day: News and Notes

MACON – News and Notes from the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame's Media Day for state college football teams.

Demario Minter, D.J. Shockley and Head Coach Mark Richt represented the Bulldogs at the day's event. Minter and Shockley fielded questions at the table set aside for the Bulldogs while the always crowded-by-reporters Richt actually occupied Savannah State's table. Savannah State did not show for the event.

Speaking of not showing, for the second year in a row Georgia Tech's Chan Gailey did not appear for the event; two Tech players were in attendance, however.

Georgia Southern Head Coach Mike Sewak joked to Shockley that "he should come to Statesboro for a day" to learn more about running the wishbone. Georgia's wishbone plays during the G-Day game have been a source of ribbing all off-season for the Dawgs. Richt said later that day, "We did that for fun. We won't run the wishbone – I can promise you that. I don't even know how to run the wishbone."

"Some people say Tiger Woods has lost his edge since he got married – will that happen with Russ Tanner?" asked one reporter. Richt responded: "He'd better not." The senior was wed the week after former Dawg star David Pollack said "I do."

Georgia's players will report for camp on Thursday August 4th, but will likely start practice the next day.


He said it:

"There's no getting out of anything at Georgia" – quarterback D.J. Shockley about completing mat drills early this morning even though he was scheduled to arrive in Macon later that morning for the media day in Macon.

"It's quite awful." – Shockley again, this time joking about cornerback Demario Minter's career interceptions – which stand at zero.

"100%." – That's the percentage of Bulldogs Minter said were participating in this summer's "voluntary" workouts.

"Maybe ten days in May" – Minter again, this time responding to if there is such a thing as an off-season for the Bulldogs.

"That's a good question – I don't want to keep him from playing." – Head Coach Mark Richt on if current back-up quarterback Joe Tereshinski will play special teams in the fall. Tereshinski is currently the team's personal protector on the punt team.

"I guess we had ten peanuts down there." – Richt again, this time affectionately describing how many children were at his family's Fourth of July Celebration.

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