Georgia Makes a Move with Florida Receiver

Melvin Patterson is one of the top WR prospects in the state of Florida this season and the Alachua native made the drive over the state line into Georgia to camp with the Bulldogs this weekend. To say he came away "impressed," might be an understatement.

"I had an outstanding camp. They really loved me up there. I went up there and it was wonderful. It was just all really good. The head coach Mark Richt really spoke well about me, and it just seemed I impressed them all in the one on one's and in the drills. They love the fact that I had size and great speed. I wasn't just an athlete without a work ethic either," Melvin Patterson said.

The Georgia coaching staff worked the 250+ prospects extraordinarily hard, putting them through mat drill types of exercises.

"I was glad they came at us like that. It was good. They say they like players who work hard and I know I'm that type of guy."

What stood out most about his experience in Athens?

"I would say the hands on experience with the coaches and how they teach you. It isn't all about speed, it's more about skill and technique. They really stressed education and they'll teach you how to be a man. Coach Richt understands that first you're a student, then you're a man and then hopefully a pro. I liked that about him."

So which schools are fortunate enough to comprise his top 5 at this time?

"I'm going to have to say….man, this weekend really turned a lot of stuff around. I'd have to say Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Miami and West Virginia. I have offers from Florida and West Virginia. I have verbal offers from Miami and Georgia, and Florida State wants me to come see them."

Patterson will get that chance to impress the Seminole staff on Tuesday.

"I'm going to Florida State's camp this Tuesday and I've already been to Georgia and Florida. Those are the only ones I plan on going to."

The Sante Fe HS product is nearing a decision.

"It's real tight but in my mind I think I'll know before the end of the summer. I'm getting a lot of good vibes from a lot of schools but I need to call some coaches and see what their plan is for me before I decide."

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