Alabama Star Camps in Athens

Alabama's Tim Hawthorne is one of the best players in the south this year and the big WR out of Homewood has been making the rounds to schools throughout the region. Last weekend he decided to make the drive down I-20 into the state of Georgia to visit Bulldogs of Athens. What were his impressions?

"Basically in Athens, every time I go there I learn something new or see something new. I got to see everything real close. The dorm rooms, recreation center and academic center is all very nice down there," Tim Hawthorne said.

Tim spent close to an hour conversing with Coach Richt on his visit. What was said during that conversation?

"Me and Coach Richt just talked things far more important and far beyond football. We talked about religion and I saw another side of him. To be able to talk to a head coach about off the field things like that instead of just an assistant coach is something I really liked. I know that if I never end up at Georgia he just wants what's best for me and I really like that about him. I respect him as a man and a person."

The 4-star WR will once again be on the road this weekend when he takes an unofficial visit to Auburn on Saturday.

"I'm headed down to Auburn with Peanut (Deantwan Stewart). I know him from playing AAU ball against him so we became friends. We'll be down there early Saturday. This will be my 2nd time down there. I had a strong impression of the academics the first time. They really emphasize it and if I were to commit to Auburn I know that they would have a lot of early playing time."

Peanut mentioned in an interview earlier this week that there was a chance of himself and Tim attending school together. What is Hawthorne's opinion on that matter?

"It's a possibility but I don't really know about that. Me and Peanut are two totally different guys personality wise. We see a lot of things differently but then we see a lot of things the same way. It could possibly happen. I need to do what's best for me though. I'm not going to base my decision on what someone else does."

What is he hoping to find out by visiting all of these schools this summer?

"Basically I'm just getting a comfort level. Can I relate to these coaches and see myself 4 years with these coaches? I just want to see what their intentions are for me to come in and play or whatever. I want to play early and be an impact player as a true freshman."

Is he getting closer to trimming his list?

"I haven't narrowed my list down yet or anything. I'm still wide open. To be honest, all the teams are just really even. Any school that shows interest I'm looking at them right now."

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