Interview with Michael Cooper

Dean Legge recently conducted an interview with Georgia signee and former Screven County star Michael Cooper. In the interview, Cooper discusses weight training, his future at Georgia, and his thought on his future teammates.

Getting ready to play college football can be a difficult task, but for Michael Cooper the preparations for the 2002 Georgia football season are even more demanding than for the normal signee.

"I am in a good position. If I work hard I might have an opportunity to start next season."

Cooper explained that right now and for the rest of the time before he gets to Georgia he will be focusing on weight training and conditioning. He explained that the Georgia coaching staff does not want him to gain or lose any weight before arriving in Athens.

"I might take a class in July, but even if I don't I will be in Athens in June to start working out with the team."

Cooper has not yet decided what he will major in, but is leaning heavily to agricultural engineering. Cooper explained that in Screven County, Georgia there is a lot of farming that takes place. He said that he feels at home in the rural setting.

Cooper has also been encouraged by Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt.

"He told me to work hard and to continue with what I am doing. I am doing a lot of flexibility training right now. I am also doing a lot more repetitions in my weight training. It gives me a better workout."

Cooper went on to say that he will be at the G-Day game in Athens later in the spring and that he is looking forward to Athens and the University of Georgia.

"There is no place that I would rather be. Georgia has high academics and great sports; the people are down to Earth. I wanted to be at home."

Along with his weight training, Cooper is also running track for his high school team. He runs the 100 meters and the 4 by 100 relay.

When I asked Cooper about what he thought of the other recruits that Georgia signed he said that he felt at home around them.

"We would see each other in Athens a lot because of trips up there. Everyone is down to Earth. We felt like a team. Everyone liked being around their boys and trippin out."

Cooper is expected to make an impact of some sort next season. And with Musa Smith's injuries making him questionable for the entire season, there is little doubt that Cooper will get his chance to shine.

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