Instant replay - Getting Sanford Stadium ready

HOOVER, AL – The SEC is instituting instant replay for the first time in the history of the conference, each program, including Georgia, must provide space in the stadium for the replay process to take place.

The conference says the objective of instant replay is "to allow for specific types of officiating calls to be immediately reviewed during all games hosted by SEC teams." That means even Georgia's non-televised games will have instant replay, too. All non-conference opponents of SEC schools have agreed to use instant replay in their contests against conference foes.

The SEC's instant replay rules say that all video that is reviewed must come direct from a TV network broadcasting the game or other TV production facilities that meet established SEC standards. The SEC said it was responsible for bringing in a pay-per-view or independent network such as CSS if an SEC game was not televised.

At Sanford Stadium, preparations for instant replay will be out of Georgia's hands.

"Things won't be that different at Georgia compared to the rest of the schools," said Sports Information Director Claude Felton. "The only thing that will be different at Georgia is where the replay booth will be located in the press box."

Felton also indicated that all of Georgia's home games are filmed by CSS, and that the network could provide the needed television feed for all of Georgia's home games not covered by CBS, ESPN or JP.

The conference plans on reviewing almost 90 percent of the plays of the game – even if none of them are officially reviewed by the referees on the field. Conference officials will attempt to review each play before the next play starts.

The SEC tested out their replay capabilities during Kentucky's spring game.

Typical things are reviewable in the SEC – breaking the plane of the goal line, reviewing if a player is in bounds and fumbles – but some things are not reviewable in the SEC.

Holding, off-sides, pass interference, personal fouls, illegal blocks, illegal formations, face mask, taunting, false starts, roughing the passer and, what seems to make no sense determining participants in a fight is not reviewable. However, the conference gave a reason for not adding fights to reviewable plays.

"It took us until Wednesday last year to figure out who was involved in the South Carolina-Clemson fight last year – and I don't want to hold up a football game until Wednesday," said SEC Director of Officials Bobby Gaston.

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