Richt thankful to Croom about Chaney

HOOVER - Georgia coach Mark Richt expressed his thanks Thursday to Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom for taking on recruit Jamar Chaney.

But Croom steered clear of the subject.

"I can't talk about (Chaney)," Croom said. "You've got to talk to me on Aug. 3."

Jamar Chaney signed with Georgia but his admission was revoked by the school after his SAT score was flagged for suspicion of cheating. After trying his luck at several schools, Chaney found a spot at Mississippi State after Richt called Croom to vouch for Chaney.

"I called a lot of people on his behalf," Richt said. "He signed with Georgia, and I have an obligation to him to help him find a place. I think very highly of this young man, and I wanted to help him find a place where he could go. I'm thankful Coach Croom and Mississippi State allowed him to do that."

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