Countdown to Fall Camp: Middle Linebacker

Georgia's 2005 season opens soon – the Bulldogs start their camp on August 5 – so here is a look at Georgia's situation at middle linebacker.

2004 Starter: Odell Thurman

Tony Taylor, a former starter at outside linebacker, returns after healing his knee last season to be the starter in the middle. Taylor seems to be running fine, but concerns about his mobility won't be as much of a worry as perhaps they would have been because he's no longer on the outside.

But middle linebacker is a spot that was hurt by the off-season. Josh Johnson was sent to Georgia Military to learn how to behave, and Derrick White was dismissed from the team for a DUI and barroom fight. That leaves Jarvis Jackson, a productive linebacker that sat out this spring to rehabilitate his shoulder, as Taylor's back-up. Jackson and Taylor might not be Thurman, but collectively they are both good enough to lead the defense from the middle linebacker spot.

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