Coaches confident in Shockley

ATHENS – David Greene is long gone – now D.J. Shockley has the chase he's been waiting four years for.

Shockley will take over as the Bulldogs' starting quarterback when Georgia takes on Boise State on September 3rd. He has the full confidence of his head coach.

"I am very excited about what's going to happen with D.J. Shockley," said Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt. Shockley decided to stick around to back up Greene for the last three seasons.

"You know, guys can mope about the situation, or guys can decide I just don't want to be here and take off. He didn't do that. Not only did he stay, but he thrived at Georgia," said Richt at last week's SEC Media Days. "He's probably the most respected player we have on the team."

Shockley has been the team's leader all summer during voluntary workouts. Strength and Conditioning Coach Dave Van Halanger said earlier this summer: "When I leave the building, there he goes with a bag of balls and about 50 guys following him because they are going out to do pass skeleton. After working an hour in the weight room and an hour on the field, now they are going out to work and hour on their own because they want to be great. Shockley is leading that thing."

Coaches hope the off-season workouts will lead to a solid effort against the Broncos in the first game of the season, which could lead to a solid foundation for the season.

"I think if he has success in the first game it will really just give him more confidence than he has," said Richt. "But we're very confident that once he settles down into his normal game, I think we're all going to be very pleased. And if he happens to jump on quick and gain a lot of confidence early, it can really be fun."

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