Anderson looks forward to 2005

ATHENS – One Georgia player might have been overlooked as a prep star, but he's not being overlooked any longer.

Gerald Anderson enters his final season of football at Georgia enthused about the work his teammates did during the summer. But, he says, that work was necessary to prove the doubters of the Bulldogs wrong.

"We had 80 to 90 guys at workouts everyday, and that was something that we needed this summer because we are going into this season with our backs against the wall. People are doubting us, and we need to be ready to work like we did this summer," he said.

Anderson and the Bulldogs started their workouts today for the 2005 season, which will be the senior defensive tackles' last in Athens. The often overlooked high schooler has become a forced to be reckoned with on the college scene; an All-SEC selection at the end of the season seems well within his grasp.

"Coming out of high school I wasn't the big name," said Anderson. "Fred Gibson, my high school teammate was the man. I did at times let that get me down, but I tried to stay focused. I did what was asked of me while at Georgia. I want to make a name for myself. I think all of the hard work is just starting to pay off for me."

The Waycross native hesitates to talk about what it will be like – this, his final season as a Bulldog.

"I am having so much fun around my teammates and friends I kind of don't want to think about this being my last season. I think the last game – I know – it's going to hit me. But that's a part of life. The last time I played in my stadium in high school I pretty much cried – I knew I wasn't going to be able to play there again. It's probably going to be like the same way this year," he said.

But leaving Georgia is a long way down the road. First, the Bulldogs must get past a high-flying Boise State team. Anderson says that will be a challenge.

"We are going to have to know our assignments and be disciplined," said Anderson of playing Boise State.

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