2005 Fall Camp: Day 2 observations and opinions

ATHENS – Observations and opinions from Georgia's second day of practice.

The Bulldogs appear to be going full time on the grass practice fields on the upper end of the football facility. For the last three seasons the Bulldogs held fall camp on the field turf on the lower end of the practice fields.

The Bulldogs, in another break from the last few seasons, are sporting grey (or silver) shorts during practice.

Leonard Pope is going to get quite a bit of the offense's focus in the coming season. He no longer plays special teams. Now he catches every ball thrown to D.J. Shockley during quarterback passing drills. Pope is getting a lot of attention from quarterbacks coach Mike Bobo, as is Brannan Southerland.

Georgia's back-up quarterbacks are all improved from the last time I saw them, however, they are all still erratic with their throws at times. Joe Cox seems to have improved the most, but he doesn't seem on pace to pass Joe Tereshinski any time this season.

Tereshinski seems improved as well – it's hard to think of him and not see that determined look on his face as he throws the ball.

Georgia's linebackers can really move – not, perhaps, like last season's bunch that included Odell Thurman and others, but Brandon Miller, Danny Verdun – Wheeler and crew are movers.

I don't see Thomas Flowers losing his starting spot as punt returner. Nor do I don't see Thomas Flowers getting tons of reps at cornerback.

Ray Gant has gotten bigger, it appears, and it seems that he will be playing a lot this season all over the defensive line. Georgia's freshmen defensive tackles will likely get some healthy looks, too, once they get fully into shape.

Demiko Goodman is a little too inconsistent to be a number one wide receiver right now, but you can tell that he will be a playmaker. Goodman's length allows him to catch up with poorly thrown balls – with his legs and his arms. It appears that Sean Bailey and Bryan McClendon are the steadiest players, but they might not be the biggest playmakers by the end of the year.

Brannan Southerland is going to be a heck of a fullback, but even with all of the skill that he has, it going to take him time to get into the flow of the offense. Southerland was patted on the back by Shockley when he dropped an easy pass. But Southerland is getting heavy rotation at his spot since his back-up, Chase Green, won't be playing in the Boise State game and because there are no other fullbacks to challenge him for playing time now that Des Williams is gone.

Mohamed Massaquoi and Mike Moore are certainly capable of playing this season, but its Massaquoi that appears to be living up to all of the hype. Massaquoi it's a game-breaker; his speed is outstanding and he can catch. Georgia has not yet put on full pads, so it's difficult to totally know how he will react to that, but he won't get hit if he can't get caught. Massaquoi could be the real deal.

Moore, on the other hand, still has a little ways to go to catch his fellow freshman. Moore is big, but Massaquoi is very fluid and seems to know where to go with the ball once he has it in his hands.

Several true freshmen are working on special teams – including some that are getting looks at punt return.

It's amazing not to see any green (injury) jerseys on the field. Georgia is in good shape in the health department.

Darrious Swain came to camp in significantly better shape than last season. With Kedric Golston missing the Boise State game, now is the time for Swain to get going. Speaking of defensive tackles – its hard to know how much Jeff Owens and Kade Weston will play this fall. However, they will both play. Owens seems to be in better shape right now, but Weston is working himself in that direction. Owens was in Athens longer than Weston because of his high school graduation date in late June.

A.J. Bryant seems to be the odds-on favorite to be the receiver the Dawgs will go with in three-receiver sets this fall. Bryant, however, still seems to be getting used to playing receiver at times.

Unlike spring camp, D.J. Shockley has started off fall camp hot. His throws today, one in particular, would settle the nerves of the Bulldog nation. Shockley can still scramble, too.

Richt was not pleased with the first day of practice (he made that clear tonight), and seemed happier after today's session was done. Georgia finished practice today with conditioning drills while Richt met with the media. Freshman C.J. Byrd was leading the pack in the secondary, at least during his rotation.

Seth Watts spent much of practice jogging around Georgia's grass practice fields. He is out with a strained peck.

The punt return spot (discussed above) had about seven or so guys competing for the position today. Richt indicated that anyone that had worked punt returns in the past is getting a shot there right now - it sure seemed like it today.

Trahern Holden had a very nice grab during today's practice.

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