Moses emulates Pollack

ATHENS – It's hard following a legend – just ask Ray Goff.

But Quentin Moses is trying to do just that by doing exactly what former Georgia star David Pollack did while the three-time All-American was at Georgia. Moses said Pollack's work ethic was like nothing he had ever seen.

"A player that I admire – I never really saw him ever take a play off – was David Pollack. I never saw him misusing a rep," said Moses. Pollack was a junior during Moses' first season of play in 2003. Moses played quite a bit that season considering the depth at defensive end that season.

"Working hard, to me, means doing what you are expected to do, but then doing something extra. We go out there, and we all have to practice – we are required to practice. Sometimes I think we don't all take advantage of the opportunities we get in practice," said Moses.

"Pollack used every minute that he was given to get better, and then sometimes, when we were not required to be out there, he was out there getting better," said Moses of the Bengals number-one pick in the 2005 NFL Draft. "I just feel like I have to continue playing hard to take advantage of the situation," Moses continued.

Moses indicated that his approach to practice is very serious.

"If you think: ‘I have to practice to play on Saturdays', then you are not using your time wisely. Everyone wants to play hard during the games – that's not the hard part. It's the behind the scenes stuff – that's what makes you better," he said.

Moses said when he was younger he had a different take on things.

"Coming in, I wouldn't say I had the best attitude my first year or two here. I realized that I wasn't going to make it far like that. I am still in the process of trying to change my attitude," said Moses.

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