4 Star Alabama DE to take in Georgia Game

Deantwan "Peanut" Whitehead is one of the fastest rising prospects in Alabama. The four-star defensive end from West End High School has gathered 32 offers, and he is looking at several top programs.

Although Deantwan Whitehead has not set up any official visits, he has started thinking of a several schools he would like to visit, and one top prospect he would like to have as a future teammate.

"I have been thinking about going on some of my visits with Tim Hawthorne," said Deantwan Whitehead. "He and I are really good friends. If I had the chance to play with Tim in college that would be great. It would be good to go somewhere with someone you know really well. I haven't talked to him much about it lately, but if it happens, then it happens."

One school both prospects are considering is the in-state school no more than forty five minutes from Birmingham--the University of Alabama. Although Whitehead has not mentioned the Tide as a strong contender, several current Alabama players may have role in his final decision.

"I have three really good friends who play at Alabama right now," said Whitehead. "The Castille brothers [Tim and Simeon] and Dominic Lee. If I decide to go to Alabama they would play a huge part. I am planning to go down there this year for a few games. Coach Cheese [Charlie Harbison] is my recruiting coach. He is a great man. I love him."

Whitehead is planning to attend several Alabama games in the fall, and he is scheduling several other games to attend as well.

"I am going to go up to Clemson for a few games," he said. "I am going to the Clemson-Texas A&M game, Clemson-Florida State, and the Clemson-Miami game. I will go to the Georgia-Auburn game and the Alabama-Auburn game."

Currently, the four-star defensive end is resting on 32 offers, and he is hopeful to add more. Whitehead is in the process of scheduling official visits, but he is waiting to see if other schools enter the race for his signature.

"I haven't really set anything up yet. I am working on setting official visits with Louisville and Arkansas," said Whitehead. "I am still waiting to see if some other schools like UCLA and Cal offer me once the season starts. If they offer me, they will both get official visits. I don't really have any favorites. I have 32 offers, and I am going to see if I get anymore."

As big-time player in Southeast, Whitehead will weigh his options before making a decision, but he will leave the door open for all programs.

"I am going to announce on signing day where I will go to college," he said. "I am trying to find the place where I feel most at home. I want to be comfortable with everything. I am looking at some big schools, but I am keeping an open mind about playing at smaller schools--like Memphis. It's wide open until signing day."

West End will travel to Erwin for their fall jamboree game scheduled for August 19.

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