2005 Fall Camp: Day 4 observations and opinions

ATHENS – Observations and opinions from Georgia's fourth day of practice.

I took a good look at the offensive line today because the rest of the team was doing its normal special teams thing, which is off limits to photography.

Georgia's offensive line is loaded and will have plenty of depth; even though we learned after today's practice that Bartley Miller will no longer play football. Miller's ability to take hits has been in question for some time, but he seemed fine in the spring. Each day after practice Miller was peppered with questions -– which must have been annoying to him, as it was the people asking him.

Without Miller, Georgia's line still must be considered one of the best in the SEC. Line Coach Neil Callaway must be given credit for getting this line into shape over the last few seasons. These guys have come a long way from where they were two and three seasons ago. Callaway seems to be more in touch with his players than he was in the past – maybe because these guys are his guys.

It's difficult to judge just how good Dennis Roland will be when his development is said and done, but if he continues on the pace where he was in 2002, he'll be taken higher than expected in the 2006 NFL Draft. My snap judgment guess is that with his size and footwork he is looking at being a third, fourth or fifth round selection.

Georgia's centers might be the most evenly matched on the line. Both Russ Tanner and Ryan Schnetzer rotate at the spot, and that allows them to stay fresh. Either can, and has before, slide to guard if a problem pops up for the Dawgs at that spot.

On the other line, if there was ever a season Darrious Swain needed to come through, it's this one. Swain is going to throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars if he does not play a solid full season. Swain has a real shot to prove himself, at the early part of this season in particular, so the time in now for him to get it together on the field and off.

D.J. Shockley did not look good today, but none of the quarterbacks did during sessions open to the media. Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt has been complaining of late about the dropped passes by the receivers in general. It is, though, easy to see why when the quarterbacks throw the ball the way they did today. Not one. However, they have looked solid before today. I am not certain if the time of throws they were making was the problem, or what. Leonard Pope, Bryan McClendon and Sean Bailey all worked with the quarterbacks today during passing drills. The rest of the team was busy knocking each other over during special teams drills.

Bailey made an outstanding catch that got praise from Coach John Eason and Mike Bobo. Both were encouraging Shockley to have better throws. Nevertheless, Bailey and McClendon, both, dropped catchable balls. Bobo was not pleased. After practice, Richt said, however, that Shockley "looked sharp" during passing drills that were closed to the media.

Tony Taylor looks well put together right now. He does not seem to be playing much special teams. Taylor and a couple of other linebackers that are not working with special teams were working on stripping the ball with Coach John Jancek.

Freshman wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi had a green non-contact jersey on during today's practice and spent some of his time riding the bike. He will likely miss seven days with a hamstring injury according to Head Coach Mark Richt. "You hate to see it because he was doing so well," said Richt.

Seth Watts, who also had on a green jersey, was back at practice today – but was not at full force. Richt said Watts will likely shed his non-contact jersey in the next few practices.

Georgia will practice at Sanford Stadium on Saturday. The session is closed, but the Bulldogs will be testing out the replay system in the stadium. This season is the first season the SEC has used a replay system in all of its games.

Richt also indicated that freshman C.J. Byrd could benefit from the injury Antonio Sims suffered yesterday. Byrd could work his way into the safety position earlier than expected. Andrew Williams could also benefit from Sims being gone.

Richt was happy with the day's practice. He called it "The best hot day we've had."

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