McClendon working hard - staying late

ATHENS - Bryan McClendon spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after Georgia's fourth practice of fall camp.

Legge: How have the last couple of days been for you?

Bryan McClendon: They have been going really well. I'm just getting back familiar with the offense, and getting back into the swing of things. Most of all I want to get acclimated to the weather with these pads on. Other than that it's been pretty much the same. We've all been out there working hard.

Do you feel like you and D.J. (Shockley) are ready to go for the season?

Yes. We have worked real hard over the summer; neither of us ever missed a day of summer workouts. We got all of the extra work in by coming out here on our own sometimes to throw and catch to make certain our timing is down. I know how his ball is going to come on certain routes and he knows how I am going to run on certain routes. The only thing that I am trying to do is keep those things up. For instance, today and yesterday I was down there (on the practice fields) and was the last one on the field – working on everything; making certain everything is fine tuned. D.J. and I, we've been going out there every day keeping it up.

This past spring you told me about how you have always had such good springs, but that you are ready to transfer that to the fall. How do you feel about this fall so far? You've said you are eager to show what you can do this fall.

That's right, but the rest of the 105 guys out here are saying the same thing. I am just going out here trying to work hard and make sure that everything is right. I know that if everything is right those big breakout games will come.

NOTE: McClendon was indeed the last player off the field after Tuesday night's practice ended. He left about 20 minutes after most players were done.

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