2005 Fall Camp: Day 5 observations and opinions

ATHENS – Observations and opinions from Georgia's damp fifth day of practice.

Richt described today's practice as "lethargic" until the team broke into 11-on-11 drills. "Everything looked up then," he said. The team will practice twice Thursday going full pads for the first time all season in the morning.

Richt said Kregg Lumpkin will only practice one of the two sessions. The head coach indicated that the morning session was likely the practice Lumpkin would be going, but said that decision would be made tonight.

A.J. Bryant left practice early with a shoulder injury. He was taken to have tests done – results are not expected until tomorrow. "I don't think he'll pop right back into practice tomorrow," said Richt. The Bulldogs have two practices tomorrow, one of which is in full pads.

Kenneth Harris will slide up a spot into Bryant's positions including temporarily being the number three receiver in the three-receiver set until Bryant returns.

Tony Taylor's tight hamstring meant that linebackers Jarvis Jackson and Marcus Washington filled in on the two-deep depth chart.

Kade Weston was still wearing a green non-contact jersey today.

Richt said that tomorrow's full pad session will be intriguing to him for many reasons, but he said that he very interested in seeing the freshmen play. "I've seen what the other guys can do in the spring and before that. It's going to be good to see the freshmen in pads,' Richt said. "You've got to hook it up," he said with a smile about the hitting for tomorrow morning's session.

Placer kickers Brandon Coutu and Andy Bailey will likely have their first real kicking battle at this Saturday's closed special teams practice at Sanford Stadium. Bailey has the stronger leg, but Coutu has been more consistent over time. Richt is pleased with Coutu's extra work this summer, and Coutu will be difficult to beat. However, if Bailey can get consistent with his kicks, he might just be the man to beat.

Bailey is the only player that I noticed wearing non-Nike shoes. He often practices in Adidas soccer shoes. They must help his cannon leg. Bailey can launch any sort of kick: his place kicks, punts and kickoffs are seemingly the strongest of all of the Georgia kickers.

Bartley Miller's premature retirement from the offensive line is a difficult blow to the leadership of the program. This would have been Miller's fourth season in the program, and next year he would have been a senior leader. Miller, however, has not played since 2003. He will continue with the program in more of a coaching role for the Bulldogs, who have only one graduate assistant right now.

Miller likely would not have passed Max Jean-Gilles on the depth chart this season, but next year Miller would likely have been a starter. The Dawgs are still loaded on the line – at guard in particular. Nick Jones is the best lineman no one talks about, and Jean-Gilles will likely end the season as an All-American. Josh Brock is coming back this season after sitting out last year with an injury of his own. Centers Russ Tanner and Ryan Schnetzer have also played some guard in their days as Bulldogs.

Youngsters Ian Smith and Seth Watts, who will probably be out of his non-contact jersey in the coming days, are still a ways off from being totally ready to play meaningful minutes in games. Smith will redshirt this season, but Watts will likely get some playing time during clean up duty.

New Linebackers Coach John Jancek seems to be doing well getting the attention of his players. Along with his duties at that position, he is also helping on special teams return units. Jancek can usually rally his players with his booming voice. When he was not able to do that this summer, he would text message them on their cell phones making certain they were in attendance at the team's voluntary workouts.

Mark Richt has been wearing his traditional hat this fall. It's an older-looking straw-like hat that seems to have been with him for some time. He ditched the baseball hat he had on yesterday when he realized the rain was not heading the Bulldogs' way in favor of his trusty old hat.

I'm not convinced that heat will be an overwhelming issue for Boise State when they travel to Athens for the opening game. Georgia's practices have not been sweltering like past seasons. Nevertheless, the Dawgs have been dealing with humidity that has been ferocious. It's hard to walk outside and not start sweating. That's the part of coming to Athens I don't think the Broncos will be ready for. It's one thing to play in heat – it's another to play in sticky heat.

It seems to me that Andrew Williams (or Drew Williams) will be getting more notice in the coming days and week. Williams is an excellent special teams player, but he will be depended upon (during games) for his play at safety. Thomas Davis left a season early, leaving Greg Blue and Tra Battle in the starting lineup. Blue has looked the best of any of the safeties so far this fall – and I don't think it's close – but Battle has been injury-prone in the past. Kelin Johnson will likely get steady work this fall. But now that Antonio Sims is out until what looks like the Tennessee game, Williams will be needed some at safety, where he will fight it out for time with C.J. Byrd. Williams is bigger and has more time in Georgia's system, but Byrd was pointed out by Richt yesterday. Both will play at safety and on special teams this fall.

Olaolu Sanni-Osomo is back working with the team and he appears to have no problem with his knee. He's been dealing with that injury for nearly three years now, and it's good to see him in a jersey and moving. He could get a look at safety as well.

The coaching staff's shoes are very bright silver. They are not the most attractive things on earth. Fans will get their fill of the shoes during the team's picture day in a few weeks. Speaking of picture day, the program decided to move the event back to a more interactive atmosphere – to get back to the long tradition of holding it there in the 1990s.

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