Harris ready to fill in

ATHENS – Kenneth Harris spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after Georgia's fifth practice.

Dean Legge: With A.J. Bryant getting hurt today, how does that affect you for upcoming practices?

Kenneth Harris: It affects me a lot because A.J. was the number two receiver on the depth chart and I was behind him. It's unfortunate for him to get hurt – he was showing some promise – but I have to step up my game and get where he was going. I have to step up and step in his place

How has camp been so far?

Its been good so far. The first day I didn't do as well (as I would have liked), and Coach got onto me. I have been trying to pick it up every day. The main thing is working on my blocking and running routes. I have been working on it every day, and we are going to see tomorrow how things work out.

Can you talk a little about the full pads practice tomorrow?

I am going to come out and want to be physical – that's the main thing. Coaches want to see if I get physical with the other players; if I am going to block; and if I am running routes correctly.

What do you need to get onto the field this fall?

The main thing is blocking right now; that and getting physical. I am able to run pretty good routes right now, and I might need to get into the playbook a little bit more, but blocking is the main thing in the coaches' eyes right now.

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