Georgia Soccer Completes Preseason Training Camp

ATHENS – The University of Georgia soccer team wrapped up its preseason training camp Friday evening at the Georgia Soccer Complex. The coaching staff has finalized the roster for the fall and will now take its 22-player squad into the remainder of preseason practice as a solidified unit.

"It has not been easy," said head coach Patrick Baker. "We had a large preseason roster that had to be scaled down. We had 36 players invited to come to camp but we will carry 22 on the roster. We feel that this group that we will put on the field gives us the best chance to be successful through the 2005 season."

"It has been a very intense and competitive period of three-a-day workouts," continued Baker. "I've been pleased with the overall fitness level but there is still some work to do throughout the team. The training has been sharp at times and has had its lulls at times. But there has never been a lack of effort or intensity which is a positive. The more that our players play with one another and different combination of players work together, we will see some really positive play. Each day we are taking steps forward."

Friday's 7:00 a.m. fitness test involved a timed 300-yard shuffle drill. Coach Baker was pleased that nearly all of the same players who passed fitness on Thursday also passed on Friday.

"Everyone who passed 120s also passed today," said Baker. "It is really positive that they were able to carry over their performance from Thursday instead of being worn out. The only exception was Randi-Lynn Bruso, but she would have certainly made it if she had not suffered some cramping. Also, Erin Sekerak missed her last one but earned a make-up try which allowed her to pass successfully."

The 9:30 a.m. practice session consisted primarily of flank play and some turning drills.

"We saw some good things this morning," said Baker. "Especially in turning and in some 1 vs. 1 drills. There were some good matchups and some interesting scores that came out of those matchups. The team seemed to get a lot out of it."

After a team lunch and a midday break, the squad returned for its 5:00 p.m. workout. The team played a controlled scrimmage on a short field with nine-person teams.

"Tonight was a smaller, controlled scrimmage that worked primarily on stopping and starting and some other subtleties," said Baker. We saw some great exchanges. One of the things that prevented some continuous chemistry was interchanging players in and out but as we get closer to solidifying our starting lineup, our chemistry will continue to improve and grow."

Georgia's finalized roster will consist of the following players, listed by class:

Seniors: Ali Williams and Erin Sekerak.

Juniors: Catherine Bruce (redshirt junior), Sarah Brown, Randi-Lynn Bruso, Lauren Church, Sarah Darvill, Lena Franklin, Cortni Joyner, Beth Klueter, Elizabeth Poirier, Amber Tacke, Missy Vierling and Kelly Whitaker.

Sophomores: Kendra Auston, Alex Thomas and Joni Vickers.

Freshmen: Caitlin Dingle, Kristin Garman, Kathleen Howe, Kasey Kaspar and Megan Tomlinson.

This 2005 Bulldog team will take the field as a unit for the first time on Sunday, August 14, at 1 p.m. for a preseason scrimmage with the N.C. State Wolfpack.

"I know Coach Kerrigan and his Wolfpack team well due to playing against them in the ACC through last 6 years. We're excited to get out there. There are certainly pros and cons to playing a match this early. One con is that we are in the process of solidifying our team as opposed to getting a team prepared. One of the positives is that we will find out a lot about ourselves against a well coached team, and then we'll have a week and a half to fix some things and work on any problems before the season-opener with Georgia Southern."

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