Inman popping pads

ATHENS – Daniel Inman spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after Georgia's practice.

Dean Legge: How has fall practice been going for you so far?

Daniel Inman: We've had some good weather and have gotten a lot done. I think as a unit we are coming together well. We are getting nicked up a little bit now that we are starting to have contact – nothing abnormal. I think we are coming along. We have a lot of work to do to be as good as we can be, but we have to just keep working.

What about practices in pads – are you happy to get that going again?

When you get contract and are able to go against the defensive line it makes things go by a lot faster. You get a lot more work and you get to work on your technique a lot more during full-pad practices. It was good to get that rolling. It lets you know that the season is right around the corner.

Do you get tired of doing the same drills each day during practice?

That's just part of football. It gets a little repetitious, but you know what you are doing there – you can feel when you go wrong. Practice makes perfect, and if you work at it every day then you know it will work out for you during the games.

Can you talk about your temper and how, perhaps, you have changed about that?

I think as a freshman you feel like you have to prove yourself. You never want the older guys to take advantage of you. I think that's where mine came from. I was not used to being pushed around. As you get older you get more content coming out here and working. We had a lot of older guys when I came in, and now I am an older guy. You don't want to get pushed around when you are younger.

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