Oliver's fall camp going well

ATHENS – Paul Oliver spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: Can you tell me a little about your fall so far?

Paul Oliver: It's been going good. It's been getting better for me I've been taking it day to day.

With your size a lot of people say: "Boy, he might not be bad at safety."

That's not me; I am a cornerback. I am just happen to be this big.

Can you talk about being your size at cornerback? You and DeMario (Minter) are about the same size – he might be a little bigger.

It has its advantages. We are definitely allowed to be more physical in the running game – that's the only strength there is; everything we do is just like the other cornerbacks.

Is it tough being a little bigger? Georgia's other cornerbacks are smaller.

They are a different breed. They are definitely quicker. But in terms of being physical – that's what my game is about – being physical. I am trying to take it to the receiver instead of being more finesse.

What's been different about last fall compared to this one for you?

I guess it's been another year of experience – getting used to being out here. The difference is that I know a lot more about reads and what to look for. I've got more knowledge of the game.

Are you still the number one in the nickel rotation.


How does that rotation work?

When we got nickel or any kind of package where we take out a linebacker for a corner, I come in and Tim goes to the nickelback, and I come in and play the cornerback spot.

Who is the nickelback?

Tim. I am just coming in to play his spot so that he can move to the nickelback.

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