Roland pushes forward in camp

ATHENS – Dennis Roland spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: How has fall camp been so far?

Dennis Roland: It's been going good so far; for the most part I have been healthy. I had a fracture in my thumb, but it has not affected anything – they just casted it up for practice. So far I have been trying to improve on technique and just get better every day.

How about where you were at one point and where you are going? It seems like you shot up in the last three years.

Maybe two years ago I wasn't seeing much playing time. Maybe I wasn't looking the best on the field, so I had to start working harder and getting better. Right now I feel like I have improved a lot over the last year. We are all just trying to get better – not just me, but my teammates, too.

How is your father doing? Can you talk about where you are with that?

Right now I am doing well with it. I talk with him just about every day. He's still coaching at his school, Southeastern Louisiana.

Is it difficult being away from him now?

At first when I got the news that he had cancer - right then, I started worrying about not being around him a lot. But when they told me about the type of cancer that he had they explained that it was one of the types that is most treatable. His last scan they found out that it had shrunk by almost eight percent. They think they can cure it.

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