Raley back bigger and stronger

ATHENS – Mario Raley spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: Can you talk about this fall so far, and how everything is going for you?

Mario Raley: Everything thing is going; it's rough considering we have had a lot of receivers hurt. Other than that, things are going the way I expected them to – it's camp.

How you gotten bigger, and by how much?

Yes. During spring I was a little bit heavy, and I dropped down to 190. At the summer workouts I was at about 195. I weigh between 190 and 195 after practice.

But you are bigger than you were last year at this time?

Yes. Bigger and stronger.

What's your game plan going into the fall?

My plan is to play my game and let the coaches do the coaching. I want to get out there and let the game come natural to me. I am a veteran now, and I know the system. My thing is to get out there and just be me – not to get out there and worry about anything else. I want to be focused on my assignments and just play 110% - that's my goal.

Were you on kickoff return the other day?


Are you going to be in the mix back there?

They have made no exact plans yet, but I am back there trying to get into the mix. I am just trying to get onto the field.

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