Top 3 with a Leader for 4 Star Ga. Athlete

Darryl Gamble is a four star safety prospect that looks like he could grow into a linebacker on the college level. He helped get his team off to a fast start this weekend, and he names three teams he knows he will visit.

"We beat Southwest Macon 55-6 on Friday night," said Darryl Gamble.

With a drubbing like that, it wouldn't be expected that a defensive player could pile up many stats, but Gamble still got his share.

"Yes sir, I only got to play the first half," Gamble added with a laugh. "I got four tackles, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, and a pass break up though."

Gamble hasn't set up any of his official visits, but he has a pretty good idea of where he wants to visit and who leads.

"I'm waiting for the coaches to be able to call me in September before I set up any of my official visits. I'm going to visit Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. I know I get five visits, but those may be the only three I take. Georgia is still my leader right now."

What does Gamble like about the Bulldogs?

"I like the coaching there. Coach Callaway is recruiting me. It's not too far away from home, and I'd have a good chance to play at either position I like, safety or linebacker. I'm going to try and make it to the Georgia/South Carolina game."

At a reported 217 pounds, Gamble definitely looks to have grown into a linebacker prospect. How'd he get the weight on in the heat of the summer after being seen as a lean 205 in June?

"I started drinking weight gain shakes this summer," said Gamble with a laugh.

Gamble is a fluid athlete that has his choice of schools ahead of him, but it looks like he has narrowed it down to three with Georgia in the lead.

Darryl Gamble from a Summer Camp

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