The South's Top 2-Way Lineman?

Kiante Tripp is a highly rated lineman out of Westlake High School in Georgia. He garners four stars, a #6 ranking in the state of Georgia, and is a member of the South Hot 100. After seeing the strides he has made from his junior to his senior season, those rankings aren't high enough. See who could be the top 2-way lineman in the south this year in Kiante Tripp.

Kiante Tripp plays left tackle and defensive end for his Westlake Lions, and he does both extremely well. In his first game against Mays this season, he absolutely dominates both sides of the ball. He had enough standout plays in one game to put together nearly four minutes of highlights. has him projected as an offensive tackle on the college level. At 6-5 plus and 250+, Kiante Tripp plays with incredible leverage for a player of his height. The Westlake offense wasn't a hard one to figure out in the 1st half; find #75, the ball is coming his way.

The first minute of his highlight clip is actually just the 1st two series in the game. As the game wears on and Westlake falls behind, Tripp gets to show off his pass protection skills in several plays. Forget trying to beat him to the corner on a speed rush. He's quicker than the end, and he has a huge wing span. What's impressive is the knack he has for getting a push on the man in front of him while he helps the guard, and he uses his own momentum to push off and spring himself towards the speed rusher coming off the edge.

One just doesn't see high school players do that. But Kiante Tripp does it, several times.

On defense, Tripp plays with the same kind of leverage, and can occupy a double team and still get a push into the backfield. He takes long strides in the open field, and covers enough ground to beat ball carriers to the corner where he wraps them up.

The team that signs Kiante Tripp is going to have an internal recruiting battle again to see which coach is going to get to use him. Tripp has the potential to play offensive tackle, defensive end, and defensive tackle in college. As rare as pure left tackles are, our projections make him most valuable on offense, but he can certainly play either side of the ball.

See him in action in this presentation by ScoutTV:

#75 Left Tackle Kiante Tripp

#75 Left Tackle/Defensive End Kiante Tripp

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