Barnes miles ahead of last fall

ATHENS – Blake Barnes spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: Can you talk a little about this fall and how it's been going for you?

Blake Barnes: It's been good, but hot. We've had our good days, and we've had our rough days where we have struggled through the heat and humidity. It's been good; I think the offense has come a long way. I really have been impressed with D.J. He's stepped up as a leader, and he's throwing the ball as well as I have ever seen him throw it since I have been here. I have really been impressed with him. Some of our tight ends and receivers are starting to step up and make plays. We have stud running backs who are always going to make it easy.

How about for you – can you talk about how this fall has been different than last?

I am miles ahead of where I was last fall. I'm really starting to get the grasp on the concepts of the plays, and the concepts of the defensive plays and what my responsibilities are as a quarterback. I'm learning how to get us into the right plays and how to get us out of the wrong plays.

Are you still learning the system?

Yes. There's always learning to do. You can always get better at something. I am still grasping more of what the defense is doing, and where everyone is at a certain point in the play.

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