Smith struggled with illness during camp

ATHENS – Jamario Smith spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: How has everything been going for you so far?

Jamario Smith: It's been ok – I've been struggling with a stomach virus, but besides that everything is going pretty good. I was not able to keep food down for a long time. It went on for about ten days.

Do you think it was the flu?

I don't know. Last year I had it, too. There's something that my body is allergic to in my diet, but the diet that the doctors put me on – I couldn't possibly get on that diet because I'd have nothing in my body.

How much weight are you losing?

I had lost about seven pounds – I'm about 223 or 224.

How about the linebackers so far?

That's been ok. We are young. We've had a couple of players that have played before, but I'm the only senior--and the mentality of the linebackers – we are young have a lot to learn. Everyone is coming out here, and they are performing well. They are doing all of the little things it takes to get great, but we have got to get together in the linebacker room and get our minds set. Physically we are doing all right.

So you think that a problem at linebacker could be that y'all are young?

Yes. We aren't that young as far as game experience is concerned, but we are young in the mind right now. Last year we had leaders on the team--we really just had our roles, and we were good role players. But this year we need to be more vocal, step up and take that leadership role. That's what we are lacking right now at linebacker.

As a senior, where do you fit in all of that?

Me, too. I am one of the ones that don't have a lot of playing experience. Then, I have been battling these viruses in camp – on and off the field – the days I give them a hard day I'm getting an IV, and then I might miss the next day. In the film room and on the sidelines, I am vocal.

Are you glad to be at one spot for good now?

Well, it's still interesting. I'm kind of a Jack of all trades. I play Sam, Mike and the Will. If someone goes down – I am in there no matter what position it is.

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