LB Knows Visit Destinations

LB Chasman Davis is one of the top players at his position in the state of Florida. He currently lists a top 5 that includes some of the best programs in the southeastern United States and he talks about each one right here with

"I like Auburn, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia. I don't really have a favorite school just yet," Chasman Davis said.

What stands out about each of those programs?

Auburn: "It's out of state and I've got people up there. It's a good school and good program."

Florida: "They're close to home and I like Coach Gonzalez."

Georgia: "It's the coaches really. Coach Jancek is just real up front."

South Carolina: "Steve Spurrier really."

West Virginia: "I used to like them when I was growing up. I took a look at the depth chart and it looks good too."

Despite those schools sitting at the top of his list, it appears he won't officially visit any of them other than the Mountaineers.

"I haven't set any visits yet but I have a pretty good idea who I'll visit. I'll go see Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Florida, North Carolina and West Virginia. I'm kind of familiar with my favorite schools already and I've bonded with their coaches. I want to get to know some other schools and other people now."

Centennial will kick off their season this Friday after a one week delay thanks to mother nature.

"Our first game is Friday. Our game on last Friday got cancelled due to the hurricane. I'm trying to get better at coverage and learning the outside spot more."

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