Dawgs make Cut for Georgia Linebacker

Kelvin Sheppard declared LSU and Tennessee as his co-leaders back in July. Has anything changed for the 3 star Linebacker from Stephenson?

"It's about the same," Kelvin Sheppard said. "LSU and Tennessee still lead. I now have my official top five. It's LSU, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia Tech. They're my top 5 now but that all could change." 

Sheppard has been in very close contact with LSU.

"I've talked to the most to LSU. Me and Coach Pevito talked about everything from me coming in and making an impact on the team to the hurricane that just hit. We've talked about the education and everything."

Where will Sheppard take his officials?

"I've been thinking about the Tennessee and Georgia game in Knoxville. I'll also go to the Virginia Tech and Miami game in Blacksburg. I'm not exactly sure about the other three yet."

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