Dawgs drill Boise

ATHENS - Boise State came. The Broncos saw. And, well, that's just about it.

The Broncos proved many, many people mighty wrong by laying one massive egg on the turf at Sanford Stadium, and facility officials don't have much time to clean up the mess.

We do know that BSU quarterback Jared Zabransky has no chance to be a mindreader because, at least if he tried it at Sanford Stadium, his thoughts would be intercepted.

Georgia wore red in its 48-13 season-opening win, but Zabransky played like he had donned the colors of Santa, so generous was he at setting the table for the Bulldogs with some atrocious decisions and passes.

His performance brought back memories of a fairly recent Georgia quarterback, about whom we joked could just about overthrow a small country.

Georgia picked off five passes all last year. Georgia had four by halftime.

Poor Zabransky. Had Georgia receivers been playing defense, this would've been a game because they'd have dropped most of his interceptions, which were perfectly thrown to Tony Taylor, Dannell Ellerbe, Tra Battle, and Greg Blue.

Stadium officials denied reports that Zabransky was intercepted by a security guard trying to get into the locker room at halftime.

Said BSU coach Dan Hawkins, after one serious "Our season ain't over" speech to his team: "He's pretty wiped out in there right now."

Which followed the wiping out on the field.

And on the other hand, there was Donald Eugene Shockley.

While one game never a season makes, Shockley went a long way to calming some Bulldog Nation jitters with a fluid, consistent, confident performance in which it's hard to find much fault.

Sure, there were things that the film will show: a few shaky decisions, some awkward throws. But even the off-balance heaves found welcoming hands of teammates.

"The good news is once we look at the tape,"said coach Mark Richt, " he'll see that he can get better.

"He' still not as settled as everybody’d like to think. Statistically it was a great night. (But) there were times when he couldâ've placed the ball better, and I think he’ll see that.

"When he really gets comfortable, you'll see even more good things from him."

Could he get more comfortable than Saturday night, short of a massage and a pedicure? When you start your first game at quarterback and you don't get sacked and you don't fumble and you don't throw an interception, you can smile a whole lot.

And he deflected.

"In the preseason, a lot of people speculated what can our receivers do," he said. "I was saying, 'I think it's going to be a big surprise the first game (when) a lot of people see what our receivers can do."

Shockley even forgot to mention how many drops he saw.

Richt knows that South Carolina was watching and there's work to do, but building the confidence of his quarterback as well as confidence in his quarterback is no issue.

That might be a problem for Saturday’s visitors.

When Zabransky wasn't padding Georgia's heretofore weak interception stats, Boise State wasn't bad.

Of course, Boise State wasn't too good, either, and did nothing to further the cause of The Overlooked Non-BCS Programs.

On a national stage, the Broncos pretty much stumbled into the orchestra pit. There was no BSU band there, despite the school getting $600,000 for the game.

That's a good thing, for all that would've come out of the visitors' corner of the stadium was the blues.

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