South Carolina Week - Monday News and Notes

ATHENS - News and notes from Georgia's practice.

INJURY UPDATE: Linebacker Jarvis Jackson (leg) and defensive tackle Darrius Swain (knee) sat out Monday afternoon's practice. Jackson said he will play Saturday against the Gamecocks. Defensive line coach Rodney Garner said he was unsure of Swain's status.

TOO EARLY TO TELL: True freshman defensive tackle Kade Weston didn't play against Boise State but hasn't been ruled out for the season, Garner said.

Garner called Weston's uncle in New Jersey and spoke to the player to make sure there were no hurt feelings or misunderstandings, he said. Weston was considered the No. 1 defensive line prospect in the country by some analysts.

"I told (Weston) today, I'm not saying we're going to redshirt him," Garner said. "I just don't know."

The Bulldogs would have to feel like they need Weston for at least five or six plays a game for him to get in this year, Garner said. The Bulldogs played six defensive tackles against Boise State, but Garner indicated Weston could jump some of those players if the Georgia ends up needing a player to do more than fill gaps on the defensive line.

"It needs to be substantial," Garner said. "If another person goes down, then Kade might get thrown in the fire.

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