South Carolina Week - What he said

ATHENS – What the Bulldogs said at Georgia's weekly press conference.

"Last night on the call in show." – Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt's response when questioned about the last time a Bulldog fan asked him to run the score up on Steve Spurrier.

"If that was the first time you saw him play you would say: ‘Wow!'" – Richt again, this time talking about back-up tight end Martrez Milner. Milner finished Saturday's game with three catches for 111 yards and a touchdown.

"It's something I learned from Thomas Brown." – Milner talking about the vicious stiff arm he put on a Boise State defender Saturday.

"They've got guys everywhere." – Milner once more, this time talking about South Carolina's defense, which moves before the snap – often without putting linemen in a three-point stance.

"He'll score 40 points on you and look for ways to score another touchdown." – Safety Greg Blue on Spurrier's offensive ways.

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