5-Star Gives Dawgs a "10"

Micah Johnson is ranked as a 5-star DT and the #10 overall player in the country by Scout.com for the class of 2006. This weekend the big Kentucky recruit took his official visit to Georgia for their ball game against the South Carolina Gamecocks, and he came away highly impressed by what he saw.

"I'd give it a 10. Just all the coaches, and the game atmosphere…it was all good. It rates up there with anywhere I've ever been. I've been a lot of good places, but I mean this just stands out," Micah Johnson said.

What stood out to Micah most about the experience?

"Probably being at the game was the best part. The atmosphere was great and the crowd was very into it. You get that at a lot of places but it was a little different there."

Johnson got to spend plenty of time with the Georgia coaching staff.

"I had breakfast with Coach Richt and I also talked to the other coaches. They just talked to me about coming there and position play. Really just everything we've talked about on the phone."

Micah was accompanied by his mother on the trip and she also had high marks for the Dawgs.

"My mom came down there and she liked it too. On the way back we talked about what we liked and how the coaching staff was real cool and all that."

He also spent plenty of time with current Georgia players.

"Antavious Coates was my host. I talked to a lot of players like Donovan Baldwin, Bryan Evans, Ray (Gant), Big Max (Jean-Gilles), (Leonard) Pope and just a lot of players. We hung out on Friday and Saturday. We went downtown. It was pretty cool. It was a little bit busier than I expected."

What facilities stood out to him in Athens?

"The dorms are just crazy. They're like apartments. The dining, the weight room, everything was just good about it."

How has this visit impacted his current favorites list?

"Georgia is really still at the top with Michigan, Kentucky and Louisville. I know how I feel about Kentucky and Georgia now but I'm going to wait to put them all in order until I visit the other places. I'm pretty sure I will be visiting Michigan for the Ohio State game."

Who will land the #1 DT prospect in the country? Stay tuned to Scout.com to find out….

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