Southern Football Predictions

Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

1. LSU – Big win in the desert over Arizona State
2. Virginia Tech – Best team in the ACC
3. Tennessee – Game with Florida is huge.
4. Georgia – Pass offense did not look good, but Georgia never looks good against South Carolina.
5. Florida – A win over Tennessee sets up the rest of the season.
6. Clemson – Tigers can all but eliminate the Canes from the ACC race Saturday.
7. Miami – Clemson game is a must win.
8. Florida State – I don't think Florida State is very good – wonder if Boston College will prove me right.
9. Georgia Tech – Tech remains undefeated, but struggled a bit.
10. Alabama – Still undefeated – that's more than can be said for Auburn.
11. Virginia – Blah.
12. Vanderbilt – Vanderbilt? This high…?
13. South Carolina – Another painful loss to Georgia. Carolina needs work on special teams.
14. Auburn – Win over lowly Mississippi State was meaningless.
15. Ole Miss – Underdogs at Vandy, but a win would keep the Rebels undefeated.
16. Maryland – Loss to Clemson was predictable.
17. NC State – Blah.
18. Arkansas – Loss to Vandy is a low point in Houston Nutt's tenure.
19. North Carolina – Loss to Tech was difficult
20. Mississippi State – Blowout!
21. Wake ForestNebraska – ouch!
22. Kentucky – Barely getting past a I-AA is not a step forward…
23. Duke –The worst team in the South.
This week's games:

NOTE: these are Sunday lines; some may have moved

VMI at Duke
Winner straight up – Duke
Winner with points – No line
Comment – Terrible game.
Eastern Kentucky at NCSU
Winner straight up – NCSU
Winner with points – No line
Comment – Terrible game.
East Carolina (+13) at Wake Forest
Winner straight up – Wake Forest
Winner with points – East Carolina
Comment – I have lost that loving feeling for Wake – take the points and the Pirates.
Ohio (+34.5) at Virginia Tech
Winner straight up – Virginia Tech
Winner with points – Virginia Tech
Comment – Virginia Tech looks good right now – they seem to be the only good team in the ACC, but 34.5 points? That's a lot - - give them away anyway.
Mississippi State (-2.5) at Tulane
Winner straight up – Mississippi State
Winner with points – Mississippi State
Comment – This game won't be in New Orleans, but has been moved to Shreveport.
West Virginia (+5) at Maryland
Winner straight up – Maryland
Winner with points – West Virginia
Comment – Take the Turtles because they are at home, but take the points for the Mountain Men because the Turtles aren't that good. Stay away from this game.
Virginia (-9) at Syracuse
Winner straight up – Virginia
Winner with points – Syracuse
Comment – A mediocre Virginia team is giving nine points on the road? Take the Orange
Ole Miss (+3.5) at Vanderbilt
Winner straight up – Vanderbilt
Winner with points – Vanderbilt
Comment – I shouldn't do it, but – Jay Cutler and the Commodores – WOW! If you think Chris Leak is the best quarterback in the SEC, you've not yet seen Vandy play – but judged bythe history of Vanderbilt football who could blame you?
Alabama (-2.5) at South Carolina
Winner straight up – Alabama
Winner with points – Alabama
Comment – Difficult game to pick, but Carolina's strength – its pass defense – won't be a major factor in stopping the Alabama run. Take the Tide, but don't be surprised with a Carolina win and cover.
Miami (-7) at Clemson
Winner straight up – Clemson
Winner with points – Clemson
Comment – Miami is better than Florida State, but I'm not sure if they are better than Clemson. And now that the Tigers seem prepared to step up to the plate and win you have to take them.
Kentucky (-3) at Indiana
Winner straight up – Kentucky
Winner with points – Kentucky
Comment – Kentucky usually wins this game.
Connecticut (+17) at Georgia Tech
Winner straight up – Georgia Tech
Winner with points – Connecticut
Comment – Tech looks good so far, but 17 seems like a lot of points.
Wisconsin (-3) at North Carolina
Winner straight up – Wisconsin
Winner with points – Wisconsin
Comment – Who made this line?
Florida State (+1.5) at Boston College
Winner straight up – Florida State
Winner with points – Florida State
Comment – Florida State is now the favorite according to many, but Sunday lines are Sunday lines – take the Noles.
Ball State (+37) at Auburn
Winner straight up – Auburn
Winner with points – Ball State
Comment – Auburn won't score 38 points.
La-Monroe (+37.5) at Georgia
Winner straight up – Georgia
Winner with points – Georgia
Comment – Georgia usually never covers big spreads – until this Saturday.
Arkansas (+30.5) at Southern California
Winner straight up – Southern California
Winner with points – Southern California
Comment – Southern California won't be stopped by the Hogs – I don't like the line; stay away from it.
Tennessee (+4.5) at Florida
Winner straight up – Tennessee
Winner with points – Tennessee
Comment – Difficult game to pick considering the Vols and Gators love their early patsy schedules each season. Take the Vols (if you must) because of their running game. What does Chris Leak do this week?
Wisconsin (-3) at North Carolina
Winner with points – Wisconsin
Comment – Take the Badgers to win going away.
Year – Lock of the week: 2 of 2 or 100%
Year – Straight up: 26 out of 32 or 81%
Year – Points: 11 of 25 or 44% (Not good)

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