ULM: Over/Under - Revisited

ATHENS – Dean Legge revisits the critical numbers in Georgia's matchup with ULM.

"579 yards of offense…

In 1994, the Bulldogs played the Indians and racked up 579 total yards of offense. Georgia currently averages 462 yards of total offense per game. Anything approaching a 500-yard day will almost certainly result in a Georgia win."

Georgia ended the day with 543 yards of total offense. The offense seemed to struggle with penalties, but still put up another 500-yard performance.

"103 points…

That's how many more points by which the Bulldogs have outscored the Indians in the two previous contests. The average final score between the two teams is 56-5."

The lopsided nature of this series continued – as expected. Georgia never gave up a big play, it seemed, to the Indians, but they didn't seem to control the line of scrimmage the way they wanted, either. Still, Georgia's offense, defense and special teams combined to give the Dawgs 44 points to ULM's seven.

"300 yards allowed …

Georgia has yet to allow a 300-yard performance from an opposing offense; but the Indians have thrown an average of 40 times a game in their last two games (even though they didn't win). Considering all that, this game could easily get out of control, so for Georgia, stopping a 300-yard day is a real goal."

ULM managed only 211 yards of total offense even though they held the ball 36 minutes of the game.

"Fewer than 20 points allowed…

After last week's 17-15 win over South Carolina, the Bulldogs are now 32-4 under Mark Richt when allowing fewer than 20 points a game."

Make that 33-4 for Richt and the Dawgs when allowing less than 20 points. Georgia's defense had another stellar day.

"45 wins…

Should the Dawgs handle business Saturday against ULM, they will have secured their 45th win since 2001, more than any other program in the country except Miami (45; needs win over Clemson for 46), Texas (45; needs win over Rice for 46) and Oklahoma (48; needs win over UCLA for 49)."

Texas and Miami won, but Oklahoma didn't – Georgia's winning ways are up there with those powerful programs. Considering the Sooners' sudden slide it's not out of the question to think Georgia could pass them in total wins in this time period by the end of the year.

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