Byrd Dawg set for first road game of career

ATHENS – C.J. Byrd spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: You are not redshirting – did anyone talk with you about redshirting or not redshirting this season, or how did that all happen?

C.J. Byrd: No one came to me and said: "Hey you're going to redshirt," or "No, you're not going to redshirt." You pick up on it in camp.

With Drew Williams out for the season with the ACL what does that mean for you?

Really, I'm filling in a lot more on special teams now. That's basically all it means for me.

So as far as the Mississippi State game is concerned, nothing much has changed?


Do they know when Antonio Sims is coming back?

He was out there practicing today--not practicing--but he was in his gear. I think he'll probably be back next week for sure.

What do you hope to get out of this trip to State?

I guess it will be another experience under my belt. I am looking forward to going.

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