Ware adjusts to sharing the ball

ATHENS – Danny Ware spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: Talk to me a little about how this season has been going so far for you.

Danny Ware: It's been pretty good. The first game I was down a little bit because I didn't get but four carries, but we won and that overpowers everything else. At one time I thought I could do a little bit more for the team – the first game. The second game – we ran the ball a lot, and we were moving it and moving the chains. As long as I was doing that I was feeling pretty good, because I felt like I was helping the team as much as I could. The third game opened up even more. I touched the ball 13 times and picked up a couple of blitzes – I missed one block.

Has it been hard to share the spotlight and the ball with Thomas Brown?

It's just different because last season it was like that at the end of the season, but towards the beginning we just gave the ball to one person, one person, one person and one person. You'd be in for most of the game, but I think it changed for the better. That's going to help us out that much more.

What's the most difficult part about playing on the road in the SEC?

The crowd noise and the distractions – the crazy fans are talking to you and trying to get into your head; pretty much the fans and being away.

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