Owens glad to be playing

ATHENS – Jeff Owens spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: How has your first season been so far?

Jeffrey Owens: Things are going pretty good for the most part. We'll have to see what happens against Tennessee. I am just here trying to help my team win.

For you personally – were you surprised that they decided to play you this season?

I was very surprised because I felt like I had to wait my turn like all of the other freshman. But I got a chance to come in and play early.

Coach Richt said the other day that your conditioning had a lot to do with you playing. How did you get yourself ready this summer?

I came in early and worked out with the team. I just looked up to the older guys and did what they did. I followed what those guys did.

Being from Florida, how difficult is it to be away from home right now?

It's ok; I was ready to get away from home. It's a new thing for me – a new experience that I am taking advantage of.

You and a couple of the other guys are not redshirting – do you think it is difficult for the other guys that are redshirting this season? Can you tell a difference in them?

Yes you can tell a difference because they see their buddies out there, and they want to be out there with us. I wish they could be out there with us, but everyone doesn't have the opportunities that me C.J., Marcus, Tripp and others have to come in and play early. I think you can see that they are down, but they are ok.

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