Ely-Kelso pinning foes deep

ATHENS – Gordon Ely-Kelso spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: Y'all did a great job of pinning Tennessee back there several times – can you talk about that?

Gordon Ely-Kelso: A lot of people lie to try to give all the credit to the punter, but it wasn't just me. I've got a fantastic snapper that's been excellent all year. Protection has been great. We haven't had a punt blocked in… I don't even know how long. And I can't say enough about Mikey Henderson and Mike Gilliam. Both of the punts downed on the one and two were going into the end zone. The coverage by them is fantastic.

When do you know they have pinned them down there? It has to be hard to see them forty yards down the field.

Actually on the one where we pinned them on the one in the fourth quarter, I really didn't know. I saw them catch it, but I saw the referee throw the little bean bag out. When he did that, I knew we were down there at least inside the five.

You've said your drop is going well on the punts, but is there anything you are doing well now that you didn't do earlier?

It's kind of strange; I think the biggest thing is just experience. I don't even know that I am doing anything different than in high school. You know what to expect every time you are out there. There are no surprises anymore. Technique-wise, I know I've gotten better since high school, but I couldn't tell you one thing I've done since I have been here that's different.

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