Smith returning to practice

ATHENS – Ian Smith spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: How are things going since you got hurt earlier this season?

Ian Smith: Things are going fine. During camp I got a concussion and I've just gotten stingers since then. I will be back this week.

What does exactly is your role right now?

Right now I am on the scout team, and I am trying to get better every day.

Was it tough going through that? You come up here and get ready for the season, and then you get a concussion?

It was tough coming up here and getting injured because I wanted to get some playing time and compete. I think it all worked out for the better with me being on the scout team because it gives me a chance to get better and better.

When you see the current offensive line lining up and racking up 200 rushing yards against Tennessee – do you watch the offensive line and is that impressive to you?

Yes. I think it is. Tennessee had only been giving up 65 yards or so a game. They have a dang good defense, too. For us to go in there and do as well as we did – I think that's really impressive.

You are coming back to practice this week – where do you go from there?

Just pick up where I left off: busting my butt to get myself and this team better.

Is Callaway after you?

Yes – everyday.

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