Sims ready to return

ATHENS – Antonio Sims spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: Considering the injury you had earlier this season, how is everything going for you?

Antonio Sims: Everything is going pretty good – day by day everything is getting better. Hopefully my chance to play will come this week.

So there is a definite chance at Vanderbilt that you could get out there?

Yes, there is always a possibility. I mean there was a possibility in the Tennessee game, but my chance is going to come. Tra and Greg are doing a good job, but I mean I am ready to go.

Has it been difficult having to watch rather than play?

That's been real hard. It's always going to be hard coming off an injury, but I am gradually coming back to football shape. It's been pretty hard watching,, but I am cheering them on. I am there in practice cheering them on and after games cheering them on. But in games, when my chance comes I am going to be ready.

I know you will get your shot in the secondary, but what about special teams?

I have a good chance at that as well. I am working my way in there. I am second team right now on most of them. It's all according to how practice goes on that.

You seem ready to get out there.

I am ready.

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