Odell's Dance

ATHENS – It was a sight to behold; it was performed perfectly; it was a two-step celebration.

When former Georgia linebacker Odell Thurman picked off Steve McNair's pass in Sunday's Bengals-Titans game, he took it all the way to the end zone for his first career touchdown. It was a cherry on the top of what has, so far, been one of the best seasons by a rookie in the NFL.

Then it happened – Odell did his dance.

"He nailed it," said a smiling Demario Minter. "It was perfect."

Sitting in the press box for the contest – I wasn't sure what Thurman was doing. After looking at the replay on the TV, I looked around the press box for a little help. Two seconds later I was certain they had no clue what Thurman was doing. I had to wait until Monday's practice at Georgia to find out exactly what Thurman was doing - had he lost his mind? No.

Rappers Dem Franchise Boyz was Thurman's inspiration. Thurman's steps looked a little off to the layman, but to those in the know he was dead on.

"It was perfect," said Danny Ware. "He did it just when the TV cut to him, too. He was right on time."

Described as an "underground rap group", Dem Franchise Boyz is Atlanta-based and is very proud of its southern ways. The group is "bringing in a new crunk era" to the music industry the same way Thurman is bringing it to the NFL.

"That's a down-South thing – just a little two-step," A.J. Bryant confirmed. "They wouldn't know about that up North."

If Thurman's performances keep up they'll know about him up North – they already know about his football; the dance was just a bonus.

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