Georgia Target Takes in USC/Notre Dame

Butch Lewis is a big lineman from Colorado that is high on Georgia's wish list. He talks about his experience at the Notre Dame/USC Game.

Needless to say, Butch Lewis had a great time at the SC-Notre Dame game.

"Man, the game was amazing. That was probably the best game I have ever seen."

On whether or not his visit elevated Notre Dame.

"I would say it elevated my knowlege of what Notre Dame is like. I got see what the campus is like, what their tradition is like and met the players. They are real close, like a brotherhood."

On Coach Weis: After a chuckle he replied...

"He's real outspoken. Other than that he's a good guy."


"They are recruiting me real hard. Coach Franklin is a real down to earth and humble guy."

Butch said he's looking forward to his trip to SC more than before because of what he experienced and saw in South Bend.

His next trip is to Georgia Nov. 12 He visits SC Dec. 2.

He has a grandfather who lives in Georgia and he's very close to him. I believe they are the favorite at this point. However, his interest in SC has grown a lot over the past 3 months.

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