Arkansas Week: Wednesday News and Notes

ATHENS - News and notes from Georgia's practices.

OLD FRIENDS: Although Reggie Herring is in his first year as Arkansas' defensive coordinator, Georgia coach Mark Richt is very familiar with him.

The two first met when Herring hosted Richt on an official recruiting visit to Florida State, where Herring played.

"First of all, (I remember) he had a full head of blond hair, and he was an Adonis back then," Richt said. "The ladies loved that guy for sure. As a matter of fact, he actually dumped me on his roommate during the visit. I think his roommate, Keith Jones, he was studying for a calculus exam the night I was there visiting. I just happened to have a couple of friends from Boca Raton High School there, so I just hung out with them."

Herring or another Seminole even took Richt's ticket to the game he was there to attend, he said.

"Those guys being my host, said, ‘Well, you don't need these do you?'" he said. "They probably took those and sold them and pocketed the money. They took real good care of me, but I really liked it anyway."

Richt eventually signed with Miami, and he paid back Herring by beating him seven straight times while Herring was a defensive coach at Clemson and Richt was an offensive coach at Florida State. The average score of those games was 36-11.

INJURY UPDATE: As much as A.J. Bryant may want to play against Arkansas, he won't. The Bulldogs will hold him out until the Florida game to give his groin injury more time to heal, Richt said.

"With a pulled muscle, as soon as you feel like you're ready, you need to wait another week," Richt said.

Offensive tackle Daniel Inman may have to play with his left hand in a cast due to a strained finger ligament. Inman injured his hand in the Tennessee game and tried to play without a cast against Vanderbilt, only to hurt the finger worse.

Wide receiver Mario Raley (knee) will be ready to play, Richt said.

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