Southern Football Predictions

Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

1. Virginia Tech – Still the best in the South

2. Georgia – Needs to win and have a lot of help nationally – In control of the SEC

3. Alabama – Big game with Vols

4. Miami – Will try to be the spoiler in ACC – can still win the conference with win over Virginia Tech

5. LSU – Held on for dear life against Florida – LSU's season is its next two conference games: Auburn and Alabama

6. Auburn – This week's game with LSU will likely eliminate one of the two; Auburn is undefeated in the SEC, but has played three of its worst teams: South Carolina, Arkansas and Mississippi State

7. Florida State – Losing at Virginia was pathetic

8. Florida – Yuck! Better turn the season around with a win over Georgia – if possible

9. Tennessee – Vols can beat Bama, but the season is a wash

10. Virginia – Still exposed; overrated, etc…

11. Georgia Tech – Jacket wait to play Clemson in the Champs play-in game

12. Clemson – What wondrous scheme will Tommy Bowden devise to make it come down to overtime with Temple?

13. Maryland – Amazingly can still win the ACC – but "protecting this house" will be mighty difficult with Virginia Tech in town.

14. North Carolina State – NC State vs. Wake: Someone has to win… right? (Wonder why TV didn't pick up this gem)

15. Ole Miss – Hung with Bama, but like the dregs of the SEC, haven't beaten a major school this season.

16. Arkansas – Hogs need a miracle to win in Athens – that and a quarterback

17. Wake Forest – Can't seem to figure out how to win close games – unless playing Clemson

18. South Carolina – Shouldn't lose to Vandy, but could. Lost to Vandy would make 3-8 a real possibility in Columbia

19. Vandy – Couldn't stay with Georgia

20. Kentucky – Really is a bad situation

21. Mississippi State – Can this program be turned around? Isn't losing their "thing"?

22. North Carolina – Heels had a week to think about loss at Louisville – one week closer to basketball!

23. Duke – Lost last two contests by a combined 70 points – assumes position as the worst team in the South

This week's games:

NOTE: these are Sunday lines; some may have moved

Virginia Tech (-10.5) at Maryland
Winner straight up – Virginia Tech
Winner with points – Virginia Tech
Comment – Take the Hokies – they are too good
Auburn (+6.5) at LSU
Winner straight up – LSU
Winner with points – Auburn
Comment – Tight one – stay away if you can. This one seems like a toss-up
Arkansas (+18) at Georgia
Winner straight up – Georgia
Winner with points – Auburn
Comment – Dawgs will win, but they never seem to cover big spreads at home
Kentucky (+11) at Ole Miss
Winner straight up – Ole Miss
Winner with points – Ole Miss
Comment – If Rebs play with the same intensity of last week they win easy – if not…
Vanderbilt (+8) at South Carolina
Winner straight up – South Carolina
Winner with points – Vanderbilt
Comment – Cocks will be in for the fight of their lives, but they should survive
Houston (+1.5) at Mississippi State
Winner straight up – Mississippi State
Winner with points – Mississippi State
Comment – State should win – another stay away game
Tennessee (+3) at Alabama
Winner straight up – Alabama
Winner with points – Alabama
Comment – Bama is better and Tennessee has already rallied this season (at LSU) – take the Tide
Florida State (-29) at Duke
Winner straight up – Florida State
Winner with points – Florida State
Comment – Noles should cover after their pathetic showing at Virginia
Virginia (Pick) at North Carolina
Winner straight up – Virginia
Winner with points – Virginia
Comment – Take Virginia; they aren't that great, but they should win – even at Chapel Hill
North Carolina State (-2) at Wake Forest
Winner straight up – Wake Forest
Winner with points – Wake Forest
Comment – Wake should win thanks to numerous Wolfpack penalties
Temple (+36) at Clemson
Winner straight up – Clemson
Winner with points – Temple
Comment – Tigers will find a way to keep it close – they always do!
Virginia Tech (-10.5) at Maryland
Winner with points – Virginia Tech
Comment – I've had some bad luck lately, so I'm taking Virginia Tech. When in doubt try to start the week of right. Besides, none of the rest of these games jumps out at me.
Year – Lock of the week: 4 of 7 or 57% (taking a nosedive; last two weeks have been painful)
Year – Straight up: 76 out of 97 or 78%
Year – Points: 41 of 87 or 47% (If my wife beats me ATS for the season – I will never pick ATS again, I promise – right now she's at 48%... this is not looking good)

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