California TE Visits LSU but Dawgs Still Lead

Duke Ward is the #3 overall TE available in the country for the class of 2006 according to This past weekend he took his first official visit of the year to LSU and he talks to right here about the trip.

"It was pretty nice. I liked their facilities a lot. The best part about the whole thing was the coaching staff and how their players made me feel really comfortable," Na Derris Ward said.

The Oakland star was impressed with Tiger Stadium.

"That's the loudest environment I've ever been in. It was real hostile. Whenever something bad happened they seemed to pick it up and get it going. It was a great game."

Duke spent some time with the new head man in Baton Rouge.

"Coach Miles is a real down to earth guy from how he sounds. He made it seemed like I had a good chance to come in and play if I work hard."

What did he think about how the Tigers used their tight ends?

"They tried to get the tight ends the ball a bit. They had a few plays where they were open and didn't get it there. For the most part they tried to use them as much as they could."

Despite the great visit to LSU, Georgia still remains the team to beat for Ward.

"The recruiting that Georgia has put on me is just tremendous and they're still keeping that up. They are going to still be my leader."

With Georgia seemingly filling up very quickly, has Na Derris felt any pressure to go ahead and commit?

"They do have a lot of commitments and a lot of outstanding players at all positions across the board but I don't really feel much pressure. I talked to Matthew Stafford a few times and he's asked me how I feel about it and if I'm interested. He's a real cool dude. I would love to get to know him even a little better than I already do but I haven't had that chance yet."

Duke will land in Arizona this weekend.

"I'll be headed to Arizona tomorrow (Friday) night. I just want to see all it has to offer. I want to compare their environment to the one I saw at LSU."

Will the northern California star sign with the Dawgs or can someone change his mind? Stay tuned to to find out…

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