Arkansas Week: Three Keys Revisited

ATHENS - Josh Kendall takes a look at three keys to Georgia's game with Arkansas.

Tackle, tackle, tackle

It's hard to judge the Bulldogs' tackling against a back like Arkansas' Darren McFadden. He's a special player, and the fact that Georgia held him to just one long scoring run could be considered a victory. There were several times he appeared close to slipping out of their hands and going the distance, but they held on most of the time.

Pile up points

Georgia could hardly be expected to put too many points on the board after losing its starting quarterback midway through the second quarter. After D.J. Shockley went out, the defense set up a couple of scoring drives, but the offense didn't manage much.

Prove something

Georgia's BCS thoughts went out the window quickly on Saturday, and the game became simply about surviving. The Bulldog defense proved, again, it could hang on under tough conditions. Arkansas had the ball for more than 10 minutes of the third quarter but got just three points to show for it.

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