Shockley: It's kind of depressing

ATHENS - There's no doubt in D.J. Shockley's mind that he'll be back as Georgia's starter for the Nov. 12 Auburn game, but that won't make this week any easier, he said Monday.

Shockley will travel to Jacksonville, Fla., but will have to watch the Georgia-Florida game from the sideline in street clothes due to an MCL sprain in his left knee.

"It's kind of depressing," the senior quarterback said. "It's a huge game. There's a lot riding on this game, and I just wanted to be the starter in such a huge game like Georgia-Florida. It's been a dream of mine since I came here, and not being able to is going to be disappointing but if we get a win out of it, and I'm sure my teammates will, I'm satisfied."

Things could have been worse for Shockley, and he thought they were after injuring his leg while being tackled in last week's 23-20 win over Arkansas.

"My upper body was going one way and my lower body was going the other way," Shockley said. "When it first happened, the first thing I did was look at my knee. It felt like I had stretched or torn something. I thought the worst at first. It's not as bad as I thought at first. You don't want to miss a game, but it could have been a lot worse."

Shockley has completed 95-of-164 passes for 1,538 yards, 12 touchdowns and just four interceptions. His 57.9 completion percentage is his highest since 2002, when he threw just 52 passes. He also has rushed for 215 yards, the third-highest total on the team.

When the Bulldogs met Monday to discuss their offensive game plan, quarterbacks coach Mike Bobo addressed the fact that not many people are giving Georgia a chance to win behind backup quarterback Joe Tereshinski. The No. 4 Bulldogs will clinch the SEC East title if they win the game.

"(Bobo) talked about how everybody is down on us just because one guy is down," Shockley said. "A lot of people are making a big deal of me being out, but I think everybody knows how our team is. Everybody knows we can get it done. Everybody knows one man doesn't make this team."

D.J. Shockley has gotten calls of support from Tennessee quarterback Jason Allen, who suffered a season-ending hip injury earlier this year, and former Florida State quarterback Charlie Ward since his injury, he said.

During the team's practice Monday, he was in the training room working on his rehab, and he already is getting around on just one crutch.

"I'm already ahead of schedule," he said. "I have to suck it up. Things are going to happen and you have to move on."

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