Cox: Georgia-Florida aka Independence Bowl

ATHENS – Joe Cox spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: They've pulled you off the scout team – do things feel more urgent these days?

Joe Cox: Not really – no one is panicking about anything. I knew they were probably going to pull me off the scout team so I could signal in the plays – I was expecting it; it's not that big a deal.

Who will have the headphones on do you think?

I think Blake will still have them on. He's certainly more experienced with signaling in the plays fast. Right now I am having to look at the card before I signal it in and it's not like that in the game. I think Blake is going to continue to do that.

There is a heavy Independence High feel to this game.

(Smiling) There is. There is. A lot of people don't know about it, but for especially Mohamed, Mario Raley and I, we all know what this is all about with Chris Leak and Independence. It will be a fun game.

What will it take to beat Florida?

A good mentally focused week of practice. If we have a good week of practice, and get everything down right that we are supposed to going into the game, it will make things a lot easier.

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