Florida Week: What he said

ATHENS – Read what the Bulldogs said at their weekly press conference.

"It's We've got a few brainiacs, but Joe's a pretty smart guy." – Center Russ Tanner on Joe Tereshinski, who, at one time, considered playing college football at Harvard instead of Georgia.

"I like hitting people – not just getting hit." – Tereshinski on playing special teams during his career at Georgia. He had lined up as the punt team's personal protector as well deep snapper for punts and field goals.

"I think they were smelling a little bit of blood." – Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt on Arkansas' defense against Georgia's rushing attack. Georgia ended the game with only 52 yards – a season low. The Bulldogs were forced to deal with eight Hogs in the box on most plays and run blitzes.

"You don't have to worry about us – we'll get the job done." – Linebacker Danny Verdun Wheeler about the Bulldogs' remaining linebackers. Georgia lost several linebackers before the first game of the season by either them being thrown off the team, academics or injuries.

"Get that in there; write that down: Tim Jennings is great." – Cornerback Demario Minter talking about his partner in the secondary. Minter was asked which interception – Minter's against Tennessee or Jennings' against Arkansas – was more impressive.

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