Tanner talks Gators; Joe T

ATHENS – Russ Tanner spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: How big is the Florida game for the program?

Russ Tanner: It's vitally important. It's a big rivalry. The SEC is basically on the line for us. There are a lot of important things going on in this game.

What's that game like to play in – how unique is it?

It's not like any other game. The atmosphere is totally different. If you do something great, you've got 40,000 screaming for you, and if you do something bad you've got 40,000 screaming at you. The crowd factor – being split down the middle is just really unique. The atmosphere around the game and everything that is Georgia-Florida, and how much fun it is for the fans makes it pretty special.

Would you move this game back to the campuses if it were up to you?

I'm not smart enough to make that decision.

How about Joe T? Everyone has been asking about him, and you've known him for some time – how do you think he'll take this one?

I think Joe will be fine. He's a guy that's been here four years and everyone is acting like he's a freshman coming in that does not know the system. He's been here four years and has been a part of it. I made the comment earlier that he's probably going to be the best- prepared quarterback in the history of football by the time it rolls around – that's just his personality. We've got confidence that he will be able to step in and lead us to a win.

Is he the smartest guy on the team? Has he taken Stinchcomb's place?

He's up there among the elite. We've got a few brainiacs, but Joe's a pretty smart guy.

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