Southern Football Predictions

Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

1. Virginia Tech – Still the best in the South

2. Georgia – Hard to know what will happen without Shockley – In control of the SEC

3. Alabama – Bama's defense is good – Bama's offense is bad; winners nonetheless

4. Miami – Second best team in the ACC

5. LSU – Seems to find ways to hold on to wins (expect Tennessee)

6. Florida State – Needs steady play for the stretch run

7. Florida – Gators are about even with a Shockley-less Georgia; Can Florida's offense produce?

8. Auburn – No longer under the radar; no longer undefeated in the SEC

9. Tennessee – Might be time to hit the panic button

10. Clemson – Bowl-determining game against Yellow Jackets – which Clemson will show up?

11. Georgia Tech – Time to step up the execution

12. Arkansas – Will win all of their last games expect LSU

13. Maryland – We must protect… not protecting their bowl situation, or being drilled in the second half

14 Wake Forest – Good win over mid-conference talent of NC State

15. Ole Miss – You beat Kentucky – who cares?

16. North Carolina – Win over Virginia means: Basketball is less than a month away!

17. North Carolina State – No comment

18. South Carolina – Still struggling for a bowl berth – but will need a big win

19. Virginia – Still exposed; overrated, etc… (told you so)

20. Vandy – Lost a winnable game – wish I could write something new about Vandy…

21. Kentucky – Could be the worst team in the SEC

22. Mississippi State – Probably is the worst team in the SEC

23. Duke – Very bad program – worst in the South

This week's games:

NOTE: these are Sunday lines; some may have moved

Boston College (+13.5) at Virginia Tech
Winner straight up – Virginia Tech
Winner with points – Virginia Tech
Comment – Tech – the machine – is too much
Utah State (+34.5) at Alabama
Winner straight up – Alabama
Winner with points – Utah State
Comment – Too many points for the Tide to cover
Ole Miss (+19.5) at Auburn
Winner straight up – Auburn
Winner with points – Ole Miss
Comment – Rebels will stay with an upset Tiger team
Georgia (+6) vs. Florida (JAX)
Winner straight up – Georgia
Winner with points – Georgia
Comment – Take the Dawgs ATS, they seem to rise to the challenge as an underdog
Mississippi State (PK) at Kentucky
Winner straight up – Kentucky
Winner with points – Kentucky
Comment – Take the Cats – if you must
South Carolina (+14.5) at Tennessee
Winner straight up – Tennessee
Winner with points – South Carolina
Comment – Vols won't cover – they never do against the Cocks
North Carolina (+19.5) at Miami
Winner straight up – Miami
Winner with points – Miami
Comment – Carolina will play the Canes tough
Maryland (+17.5) at Florida State
Winner straight up – Florida State
Winner with points – Florida State
Comment – Noles should roll
Southern Mississippi (+4.5) at NC State
Winner straight up – Southern Mississippi
Winner with points – Southern Mississippi
Comment – I don't like NC State
Wake Forest (-14) at Duke
Winner straight up – Wake Forest
Winner with points – Wake Forest
Comment – Wake should cover
Clemson (+3.5) at Georgia Tech
Winner straight up – Clemson
Winner with points – Clemson
Comment – Take the up-and-down Tigers
Boston College (+13.5) at Virginia Tech
Winner with points – Virginia Tech
Comment – Take Tech
Year – Lock of the week: 5 of 8 or 63%
Year – Straight up: 85 out of 108 or 79%
Year – Points: 48.5 of 98 or 47% (68% last week)

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